CML Interactive is a bespoke web-based system developed over a number of years with major clients to progressively collate, review and integrate the complete suite of project record documentation as the project develops. Typically the following documentation would be included :-
  • Operating & Maintenance Manuals including Suppliers Literature
  • Commissioning & Testing Documentation
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Asset Registers
  • Health & Safety/CDM Files
  • Completion Files
  • Building Energy Log-Books
The CML Interactive system is based on a robust platform - but is made bespoke for each client and project. The web-site provides:
  1. Access from any location using standard HTML compliant web-browser; and industry standard user-familiar document/drawing software technologies.
  2. Comprehensive security with access to particular elements controlled by specific password/user access rights.
  3. Real-time reporting on the status of each document against approved comprehensive document lists.
  4. On-line commenting and approval control procedure - overseen by our documentation management team.
  5. Compatibility where necessary with BMS or FM PPM system.
  6. A simple common platform for all project record documents, including integration and cross-referencing of all elements.
The system is maintained as a managed web-site usually for the period of construction on each project. At PC we offer a range of delivery options including :-
  • CML Maintained and updated web-site
  • Uploading of site to clients own servers complete with training
  • Full working DVD copies of the system - as a snapshot at PC
Drapers Gardens


December 2011
Rolls Building Officially Opened by HM The Queen

June 2011
A New Name for UKCMRI - The Francis Crick Institute

2010 CML Sustain Appointed on Birmingham New Street Redevelopment

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