Our Services

Commissioning Management

  • The initiation and implementation of a formal commissioning management system is vital to the success of any project. CML Sustain are able to offer a full service encompassing all elements of CIBSE code M including:

•Design commissioning appraisal
•Co-ordinated, multi-service commissioning method statements, logic networks and programmes
•Installation commissioning appraisal and monitoring
• Static test witnessing
• Works testing and procurement control
• Pre-commissioning and commissioning witnessing
• Co-ordination of client / statutory demonstrations
• Co-ordination of performance testing
• Co-ordination and control of record documentation
• Verification and collation of O&M documentation
• Client instruction and training
• We use the latest software packages to monitor and report on the progress of all elements of the works.

Independent Commissioning Verification

  • Increasingly we are appointed as an independent certification body, certifying the completion of commissioning of all services systems. Generally we would be appointed by the relevant developer, often jointly with an incoming tenant or end-user to ensure total impartiality in the certification role.

    Such a role would typically cover certification of the base-build services commissioning to ensure compliance with the needs of the end-user or terms of the lease etc; followed by certification of the tenant or end-user fit-out to ensure the base-build services are not compromised.

    Though the emphasis of the role differs fundamentally from that of a commissioning manager (i.e. it does not incorporate the co-ordination element) the outline structure of the role and obviously final goal are the same - to achieve a technically complete building functioning as the design intended. The role would typically include :-

•Review of base-build and fit-out designs for commissionability and compatibility
•Review and agreement of base-build and fit-out commissioning plans
•Monitoring and witnessing of all testing, commissioning and performance demonstrations
•Preparation of complete certifying documentation for all commissioned systems
•Preparation of comprehensive reports and issue of certification for each stage completion
•Review and acceptance of project record documentation
•Review and acceptance of all staff training